‘Good’ and ‘fair’ decisions

This post was originally published on http://decision-point.com.au/article/a-good-decision-is-a-fair-decision/ and was co-authored by the amazing Rachel Friedman and Carla Archibald. There are many reasons to consider social equity in conservation decisions. On the one hand, it’s a nice thing to strive for – we all would like to think we are being ‘fair’ in the decisions we are … More ‘Good’ and ‘fair’ decisions

Using the past to predict the future

Successful decision-making needs to predict the future. How can we do this best? In most cases, this is not easy: in biodiversity conservation, predicting future outcomes is complicated by complex ecological, economic, and social contexts. But these challenges do not negate the need for us to make these predictions when deciding what conservation interventions to … More Using the past to predict the future

A paper in Science – and how does that happen?

I’ve just had a co-author paper published, not just in Science, but also featured on the cover! No, not the “Mystery of the Macho Crocs” paper (that sounds fun!) – the one on climatic control of leaf size across the globe. Working in the field of conservation I often think that the work we do (as … More A paper in Science – and how does that happen?


    Three months goes really fast when you’re having fun! It’s been amazing, and I’m extremely grateful for being chosen as one of the 25 GreenTalents for 2016. This is a fantastic program, sponsored by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research, is aimed at introducing early career researchers in from around the … More GreenTalents!

Big Thinking: Kavli Frontiers of Science

How do you develop big ideas on the frontiers of science? Last September I was lucky enough to be selected as an Australian Academy of Science delegate to the US-Indonesian Kavli Frontiers of Science Symposium in Malang, Java. As with all the Australian delegates, I was selected based on my demonstrable links with research in Indonesia (for … More Big Thinking: Kavli Frontiers of Science

Is international conservation aid enough?

I was recently invited to write a perspective article on Bare et al (2015 Environ. Res. Lett. 10125010), who ask, is international conservation aid enough to compete with the economic and governance forces encouraging deforestation across Africa? It’s a really important question, and one I think needs to be asked more. My Perspective is available as … More Is international conservation aid enough?

Land-use planning in complex landscapes: the benefits of Marxan with Zones and production possibility frontiers

We’ve got a new paper out! I’m really proud of this one. It’s the thesis of my PhD thesis. Hope you enjoy and find it useful! Land-use planning in complex landscapes is challenging. Often there are multiple stakeholders competing for the same areas of land. How can we make sure all stakeholder groups are happy? … More Land-use planning in complex landscapes: the benefits of Marxan with Zones and production possibility frontiers

Conference, not chaos

Everything about conferences can be exciting and overwhelming. But with a little planning, forethought, and tricks up your sleeve, they can run a little smoother, be more enjoyable, and more productive. Below are my initial thoughts on conferences, which I’ll add to over the coming weeks (as I head to two conferences, one international event with … More Conference, not chaos