Hello world

Well, I’m finally biting the bullet and creating my own online presence. Please be patient with me while I learn both how to blog and how to fit blogging into my life.

I was spurred to start this blog in part after reading some other well-followed blogs that very confidently give their opinions on certain topics, opinions that sometimes differ from mine. But also, there is so much cool research out there, and so many neat tips for doing ‘science’ and being ‘a scientist’ that I wanted to document somewhere. So here we go, in the name of science, because scientific debate advances science, right?

So who am I?

I’m Liz. That’s me in the photo below. I’m currently super lucky and happy to be a postdoc in the Wilson Conservation Ecology Lab, part of the Environmental Decisions Group, which is part of the ARC Centre of Excellence in Environmental Decisions (CEED), a really neat network of conservation researchers from all around the world.

…and what is this blog about?

I’ll be using this site to discuss my experiences of working in conservation research: philosophising on my research themes, on science as a discipline and a career, highlighting new or cool papers or techniques, etc. Ok, so maybe philosophising is a bit rich, more accurately I’m probably just going to muse…

My research interests are all about ways of making biodiversity conservation work for everyone. This includes a shared vision of why biodiversity is important, how we can communicate the value of nature, and more importantly, cultivate a wider appreciation of nature. But more so, it is about understanding that everyone is entitled to their own values, and elucidating the resulting trade-offs that occur between stakeholders and across landscapes.

Thanks for reading, and hopefully I can do this blogging thing justice!

Getting a nice dose of nature-experience solo-hiking the South Coast Track, Tasmania.
Getting a nice dose of nature-experience, hiking the South Coast Track in Tasmania.

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